Changes log
Changes log
  • v1.10 10.03.2023

    • Projects older than 100 days now get an additional "Total votes by month" chart in their stats

  • v1.09 16.02.2023

    • Fixed a bug where some projects would show as not found in the search results
    • Fixed a bug where some keywords would fail to autocomplete in the search input

  • v1.08 27.01.2023

    • Added "Recently achieved support" box to the Dashboard
    • Fixed a bug where the Random project of the day box would include a wrong link to stats

  • v1.07 25.01.2023

    • Added rating indicators to the project page
    • Added "Today's votes compared to average" to the project stats on the project page
    • Fixed a bug where daily new votes count would show wrong value on the project page
    • Increased timeline for charts from 21 to 30 days on the project page

  • v1.06 23.01.2023

    • Added "Last chance projects" box to the Dashboard
    • Added "Newest projects" box to the Dashboard
    • Projects that reach support have the day of reaching support included in their stats
    • Projects that achieved support have no Projections box on their stats page, for obvious reasons
    • Project image on the project page can now be clicked for zoom

  • v1.05 20.01.2023

    • From now on when a project achieves support, its statistics are retained and still accessible from the "Achieved support" table
    • Added images to projects in the "Achieved support" table
    • Modified menu names and structure for clarity
    • It is now possible to find a project by pasting its full LEGO Ideas URL address into the search bar. Pasting the project ID alone works too
    • Added "Clear filters" buttons to all tables with filters available
    • Disabled sorting by image in tables that have images in them
    • Changing page in a table now scrolls to the top of that table
    • Fixed a bug where the search results would open on empty search keyword

  • v1.04 13.01.2023

    • Fixed a bug where sorting the released sets table by year or status would not work correctly
    • Added "Coming soon" to the filter options list for released sets

  • v1.03 10.01.2023

    • It is now possible to search for projects by name or ID using autocompletion in the top search bar (at least 4 characters required)
    • The projects table now includes zoomable images
    • The released sets table now includes zoomable images

  • v1.02 09.01.2023

    • The "Top 3 most supported projects" list on the Dashboard now includes growths from the last day
    • Added "Latest from LEGO® Ideas" box on the Dashboard
    • Visibility fixes for devices with very small screens; it is still recommended to use a large screen for this website because of all the charts

  • v1.01 03.01.2023

    • Updates and fixes related to closing round 3/2022 and opening round 1/2023

  • v1.00 01.01.2023

    • Initial launch version

To do

Improve the project growth prediction algorithm50%

Mobile devices optimization50%

Allow comparing projects10%

Get purchased by the LEGO Group ;)0%

Known issues

Nothing yet, but something's bound to pop up here eventually.