v 2.02

» Fixed a bug with handling project thumbnails on the Author page
» Added a placeholder image for projects with no image in the database
» Added new votes counters to the "Closest to achieving support" box at the Home page
» Reduced image size in the "Random LEGO® Ideas set of the day" box at the Home page


v 2.01

» Added cookie consent banner. The only cookie we serve is used to track whether you set the website theme to light or dark. Any other cookies get eaten by my hamster.


v 2.00

» New front-end
» Menu changed from vertical to horizontal
» Dark mode added
» Changes, removals and additions to Dashboard boxes
» "Round completion" box added to Dashboard
» Improved lightbox plugin
» Code optimization and clean-up


v 1.16

» Overhauled Home page with some elements removed or shortened
» Optimized Home page for mobile devices
» Added "LEGO® Ideas challenges" box to Home page
» Revised "Random project of the day" box
» Added Facebook page button
» Set up a Facebook page where daily updates are published automatically
» Fixed improper list formatting on the Changelist page


v 1.15

» All charts now appear with animation when you scroll to see them
» The "Full data" table on a project's page now uses pagination and can be searched e.g. for a specific date or value


v 1.14

» Introducing author pages: clicking on author's name now redirects to a page listing all tracked projects of this author, regardless of their status
» You can still visit author's profile on the LEGO® Ideas website by using a button on the author's page.


v 1.13

» Fixed an issue where Ideas sets would not be sorted correctly when the "Note" field is present


v 1.12

» Added "Number of projects per month (last year)" box
» The "Average values" box now includes comparison against yesterday's values


v 1.11

» Included "Archived" project status in all 10K projects stats
» The "10K Projects In This Round" box now lists the total number of 10K projects in this round + 3 projects that recently achieved support
» The "10K Projects In This Round" box doesn't show if there are no 10K projects in the current round
» Added "Closest to 10K" box


v 1.10

» Projects older than 100 days now get an additional "Total votes by month" chart in their stats


v 1.09

» Fixed a bug where some projects would show as not found in the search results
» Fixed a bug where some keywords would fail to autocomplete in the search input


v 1.08

» Added "Recently achieved support" box to the Dashboard
» Fixed a bug where the Random project of the day box would include a wrong link to stats


v 1.07

» Added rating indicators to the project page
» Added "Today's votes compared to average" to the project stats on the project page
» Fixed a bug where daily new votes count would show wrong value on the project page
» Increased timeline for charts from 21 to 30 days on the project page


v 1.06

» Added "Last chance projects" box to the Dashboard
» Added "Newest projects" box to the Dashboard
» Projects that reach support have the day of reaching support included in their stats
» Projects that achieved support have no Projections box on their stats page, for obvious reasons
» Project image on the project page can now be clicked for zoom


v 1.05

» From now on when a project achieves support, its statistics are retained and still accessible from the "Achieved support" table
» Added images to projects in the "Achieved support" table
» Modified menu names and structure for clarity
» It is now possible to find a project by pasting its full LEGO Ideas URL address into the search bar. Pasting the project ID alone works too
» Added "Clear filters" buttons to all tables with filters available
» Disabled sorting by image in tables that have images in them
» Changing page in a table now scrolls to the top of that table
» Fixed a bug where the search results would open on empty search keyword


v 1.04

» Fixed a bug where sorting the released sets table by year or status would not work correctly
» Added "Coming soon" to the filter options list for released sets


v 1.03

» It is now possible to search for projects by name or ID using autocompletion in the top search bar (at least 4 characters required)
» The projects table now includes zoomable images
» The released sets table now includes zoomable images


v 1.02

» The "Top 3 most supported projects" list on the Dashboard now includes growths from the last day
» Added "Latest from LEGO® Ideas" box on the Dashboard
» Visibility fixes for devices with very small screens; it is still recommended to use a large screen for this website because of all the charts


v 1.01

» Updates and fixes related to closing round 3/2022 and opening round 1/2023


v 1.00

» Initial launch version


To do
Improve the project growth prediction algorithm


Allow comparing projects


Get purchased by the LEGO Group ;)


Known issues

Nothing yet, but something's bound to pop up here eventually.